Queen Elizabeth Memorial Park


The Queen Elizabeth Memorial Pathway, a poignant tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II, was inaugurated on March 15, 2024. Designed by East Architecture, the pathway’s name was officially sanctioned by the Cabinet Office, symbolising a lasting memorial to the beloved monarch.

Nestled within the newly established Beckton Meadows, the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Pathway offers a serene journey through nature. Designed with playful branches leading into the surrounding meadows, the pathway encourages exploration, with mown routes amidst flowers and grasses in the warmer months. A curated play trail along the pathway, accompanied by inviting benches, enhances the experience, providing opportunities for families to engage in “play on the way.”

Community Involvement and Accessibility:

Creating Beckton Meadows and the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Pathway was a collaborative effort with residents actively participating in the Beckton Parks Masterplan design process. Notably, the pathway addresses accessibility concerns by formalising a previously informal route across the park, enhancing connectivity for residents, and providing a new entrance accessible to all.

The surrounding meadows, scheduled for a summer opening, contribute significantly to Beckton Parks’ biodiversity. Featuring a butterfly garden with educational boards, the meadows offer valuable habitat for local wildlife. Community engagement initiatives, including wildflower seed spreading by over 50 residents and educational workshops for children led by Butterfly Conservation, underscore the pathway’s role in environmental stewardship.

Tree Planting and Symbolism:

In alignment with the Queen’s Green Canopy initiative, the pathway is adorned with 30 new trees, symbolising a lasting tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. Each tree holds significance, with seven Red Oak Trees commemorating each decade of her reign, thirteen Cherry Trees promising vibrant blossoms each spring, and nine Hawthorn Trees providing vital habitat for pollinators. The pathway concludes with a resilient Dutch Elm Tree, symbolising strength and endurance.

Alongside the pathway, GreenBlue Urban was delighted to supply two VELA 1800 galvanized steel and wooden benches supported by IONA galvanized steel armrests. The chosen benches were a testament to the overall quality of the scheme, and they will be used by many passing through to sit and reflect.

Memorial Plaque:

A custom plaque designed by local artist Matt Ponting adorns the entrance of the Queen Elizabeth Memorial Pathway. Symbolising the trees that line the pathway, the plaque serves as a poignant reminder of the Queen’s legacy and the community’s dedication to preserving her memory.

The Queen Elizabeth Memorial Pathway is a testament to the collaborative spirit and community resilience embodied by Beckton Parks’ regeneration. Honouring Queen Elizabeth II’s legacy through nature, education, and community engagement.

Newham Council has created a timeless space for reflection, enjoyment, and environmental stewardship, ensuring that her memory continues to inspire future generations, of which GreenBlue Urban, alongside StreetPark UK, is proud to be a part!