The History of StreetPark

We started to design the street furniture as a part of the BLACKBOX design studio. We started to implement our projects and we gradually expanded our production to the full development. The production of street furniture was branded as MOBILIARPRO, which formally belonged to BLACKBOX Ltd.

We decided to separate the street furniture from BLACKBOX and included it into a newly founded company called STREETPARK. The functional design and quality of the street furniture branded STREETPARK will be always on the first place. We have separated the part of our service and provided it with a new name. Everything else, you are used to and why you have enjoyed our products, stays the same.

The quality and functional design come at a price. We produce timeless furniture approaching our users nowadays and after many years as well. We strive to ensure our customers to receive a long-term value in our products. Thanks to our company culture, highly-developed logistics and product portfolio, we can offer favorable prices to everyone.