Southsea Seafront


As part of the £100m 8 year, Southsea Coastal Defence Plan, Portsmouth City Council developed the Seafront Masterplan in consultation with residents and stakeholders, which sets out a vision for the seafront, providing planning guidance and identifying areas for further enhancement and development opportunities, also highlighting elements of the seafront that should be preserved.

Southsea seafront is located along the southern edge of Portsea Island.  The seafront stretches for almost 6km from Portsmouth Harbour (west) to Langstone Harbour to the east.

With clear outcomes highlighted to improve the public realm, enhance visitor experience, advance access, and encourage exercise and relaxation, making the seafront a vibrant space for people to enjoy.

Emphasis on the sustainability and the natural environment, objectives were set to include water quality, transport, energy, air quality, waste and resource management, safety, health and well-being, the economy and climate change and resilience.

Segment 4.6 of the plan concentrates on the Public Realm, indicating Section 12 of the NPPF where the creation of high-quality buildings and places is fundamental to what the planning and development process should achieve.

“Good design is a key to sustainable development”.

Principals included creating a distinctive and attractive environment with a sense of place, a healthy active and playful environment for all ages where walking, cycling and public transport is encouraged.  Ensuring the design and use of materials are appropriate for the environment they are located.

Working alongside Volker Stevin and Portsmouth Council, StreetPark, GreenBlue Urban’s sister company providing quality street furniture were pleased to provide 7 RAILA waste bins, manufactured in galvanised steel and powder coated to compliment the surrounding environment.

Utilising attractive street furniture is making the seafront more welcoming to visit and enjoy, encouraging visitors to stay longer and enhancing visitor spend, above all creating healthier urban places in harmony with nature.