design Jan Padrnos

A flexible supporting parking system for bicycles. The basic element of this bicycle stand is a steel weldment containing a special rubber profile on its periphery. This rubber profile protects the structure from its possible damage. The holes in the precise metal flame-cut part are used for passing a bicycle lock through. It is possible to include a text or logo into the precise metal flame-cut part. The bicycle stand is very bicycle-friendly.
The supporting structure made of galvanized steel is treated with powder coating. The rubber profile of circular cross-section is made of EPDM and is resistant to UV light. At the bottom part, there is an anchor plate with four holes for anchoring to the base.

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Metal parts options
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RAL 7016

RAL 9005

RAL 9006

RAL 9007

Dimensions L×W×H
238×34×900 mm / 10 kg 238×34×900 mm / 10 kg
Bicycle stands SANTO in front of shopping mall Šantovka in Olomouc.
Bicycle – friendly
The resistant rubber placed around the periphery of the bicycle stand prevents the painted parts of a bicycle from their possible damage.
Structure flexibility
The flexible steel structure of the bicycle stand is maximal bicycle – friendly.
Graphic motif upon your request
It is possible to select from two graphic designs of the inner surface. If requested, it is possible to use an atypical graphic motif.

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